The BEST Conditioner You Will Ever Need!

27 Jan

Excellent for Colored Treated DRY HAIR

Publish Date: 1/4/2012
You fight with your hair everyday, your hair is dry and brittle, your color is fading, or you have a weave or extensions to cover up the problem. Lets face it, stop with the same o’l routine and get excited about your hair again! Start conditioning your hair with shea butter and coconut oil!

You can achieve glossy, soft, healthy hair no matter what your hair type with the right conditioner!
Using shea butter as a conditioner alone is a great manageability tool for damaged dry hair. Adding coconut oil with shea butter increases the effectiveness of the conditioning process.


This is for women with dry brittle hair, or hair that has been damaged by chemical processing and color treated hair. Women with thick naturally curly hair and hair that is naturally dry (typically African American hair) this will be a perfect conditioner for these individuals. Note: make sure to use unrefined yellow shea butte,r this is shea butter in its purest form. This conditioning treatment is also perfect for transitioning from relaxed to natural!


This is not for people who typically have naturally oily hair or oily scalps. If you typically have to wash your hair almost everyday to control your natural oils, then this conditioning treatment is not for you. If you have hair like this, then your scalp naturally secretes oils that keep your hair moisturized on its own. Frankly speaking, for these individuals, your hair kind of conditions itself so you don’t need a deep conditioning treatment.The shea butter coconut oil treatment is mainly for individuals who have problems with moisture and coarse hair textures.


Coconut oil has huge benefits not just for your hair but your skin, immune system, great for cooking oil, and essential for weight loss. Coconut oil is known to aide in the re-growth of damaged hair because it contains important protiens that provide nourishment for unhealthy broken hair. Shea butter makes a great conditioner because of its ability to lock in moisture. So when using shea butter in conjunction with coconut oil-the ultimate moisturizer, you’ve got yourself the ultimate deep conditioner.


You will need at least 5 oz tube of unrefined(raw) yellow shea butter
A 16oz bottle of pure coconut oil
plastic cap, hair dryer and towel

Make sure to have a tube of unrefined yellow shea butter runs about 6-7 bucks a tube. I get mine for about $5 at my local hair store. Coconut oil on the other hand cost about $10 and you can only get it at your local whole foods store or online. Please make sure it is 100 percent pure coconut oil!
First off, wash your hair first with a sulfate free shampoo. Make sure that your hair remains very damp. Then turn on your dryer. (if you don’t have a dryer you will use a warm wet towel and let your body heat do the rest) Scoop out about a cup and a half of shea butter and either put in the microwave or on the stove to melt it a little. Don’t let it melt completely you just need it to soften up! Shea butter is naturally hard but if you are doing this in the summertime, it may already be soft enough so if that’s the case, skip this step.
Next place softened shea butter in a bowl. Now just simply squeeze out about a half a cup of coconut oil in the bowl with the shea butter then mix. You may also want to add water depending on how hard the shea butter is. You don’t want the mixture to be too watery just supple enough to rub throughout your hair. Go ahead and squeeze out about two spoonful’s of coconut oil to your hair throughout before applying the mixture, this will ensure that the oil gets sealed by the shea butter when you apply it.
Make sure when you are applying the conditioner, pay close attention to your ends and massage your scalp. Once you are done applying, put on a plastic cap (like the kind you use when applying color) sit under a dryer (or wrap head in a warm wet towel) for about a half an hour. With towel about 45 minutes.
When you are done rinse hair thoroughly. Don’t worry about the coconut oil washing out, the shea butter along with the heat seals it in, so your hard work won’t go to waste! Once you are done style as desired but try not to use too much heat. Try a curly hair style using rollers instead. Once you notice how soft and manageable your hair has become, I promise you will be addicted!